Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I know I'm behind, but what else is new? I wanted to share a few snaps from our Easter here to document it. We spent Easter at home in Maysville and I was so happy to be back in our home church. I've tried a lot in our new town already, but nothing has felt right, and we enjoyed such a great Easter service at home. 

The kids opened their baskets from the bunny and their baskets from Mamaw and Papa and they were not lacking for sweets or treats. Once they'd played for a bit, mom and I had put together a breakfast for everyone to snack on while we got ready for church. My sister and her family made their way next door once they'd all gotten ready. The picture above is my parents with all of the grandkids. Bryan, my sister's oldest will be heading off to college in just a few short months. I feel like he was just Carter's size a year or two ago. It really does go by in a blink.

After church, we had pretty much everything for lunch already prepped and just needed to heat and plate it all. We had ham, baked beans, bread dip, scalloped potatoes and dirt pie (sooooo good).  We ate like kings, then all the boys napped haha. We were able to dye some eggs with Caroline before heading back that afternoon since we were leaving for vacation the next day. My sister's oldest daughter, Jayden, came on vacation with us. Her son had to work and her youngest was getting braces put on so we were only able to take one.

The kids were able to do lots of other fun Easter activities leading up to Easter. The library at home had a special Easter story hour where the kids got to meet the Easter bunny, be read Easter themes stories and then do an egg hunt in the Children's Library. On Saturday, my friend Katherine invited the kids to an egg hunt at her Grandmother's house. They had games and food for the kids and really put on the dog! Caroline was the lucky one to burst the pinata before the egg hunt! She was so excited!

Carter made his daddy push him around on a scooter then entire time and had no interest in gathering eggs, so his sweet Sissy filled his bucket for him, too. They had a blast.

We had a very happy, blessed Easter. I was so happy to spend it at home with the family. I guess I'm not like a lot of people who can't wait to move away from their hometown. I never really felt pulled to leave, so it didn't take moving away to realize how great it was at home. I already knew it, but nevertheless, I'm always more than happy to go back.

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