Our Weekend

Monday, April 23, 2018

We had a fun week full of traveling last week! If there's one thing we're good at, it's keeping the roads hopping with all of our running around. We started the week in Elizabethtown, then home to Maysville, then to Morehead for Caroline's tumbling class, then I headed to Northern Kentucky on Saturday and back to Maysville that evening and finally back to the house in Elizabethtown Sunday afternoon. I think it may be time for an oil change haha. 

I wanted to share a quick update on our dining room.There are only three things I have left to find and it's totally finished!I still need a rug and curtains as you can see from the image below.

And I have my eye out for a big antique mirror to go above the buffet shown above. I may end up getting a mirror from Ballard Designs that has an antique look. It's called the Beaudry mirror and it's pretty perfect. There's an antique show in Maysville next weekend, so if I don't find something at that, I may go ahead and pull the trigger on the Ballard mirror. 

The kids and I headed home to Maysville on Tuesday and stayed most of the week with everything going on. Wednesday, I took Caroline to Morehead for her tumbling class. She takes classes at the gym I went to from the time I was about ten and it's still owned by the same people who coached me. I started her when she was two and she still loves it, so I'm making it work to get her there. Probably seems stupid to some people that I drive her all the way there, but she loves the gym and her teacher, so I've figured out a way to keep taking her there at least through the summer. 

Thursday afternoon, I had to work for a few hours, then my parents kept Carter so Caroline and I could go watch my nephew and nieces in their high school musical, The Little Mermaid. My nieces were fish and a maid, but my nephew was Prince Eric. He had some solos and just did such a great job. I was SO proud of him and Caroline is convinced that he's famous now.  

Marissa, the gorgeous gal who played Ariel is one of "my girls" that I coached in cheerleading for years! She was always one of the best girls you could find and nothing has changed. She did incredible in her role as did the rest of the kids. It was so fun going back to the auditorium where I participated in so many high school musicals to watch my sister's kids doing it. I was always in the orchestra though; being on stage wasn't my thing. 

On Saturday morning, I made the drive from Maysville to Northern Kentucky University to help judge their cheerleading tryouts. I cheered at NKU in college and have loved getting to stay involved with the program after finishing my collegiate cheerleading career. Cheerleading has given me so much over the years and watching all of the girls and guys tryouts just made me so happy for all the things they have to look forward to cheering at Northern. If I could go back and do it all over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. 

While I was at NKU, my sister took Caroline to a breakfast with the characters from the musical, which she just loved and my sister even found her girls' old Ariel costume, which she wore off and on all day. On Saturday evening, I stayed home with Carter so Juston could take Caroline to see the musical with the rest of my family. Initially we'd all planned to go together, but the more we thought about it, Juston nor myself thought it was a great idea to take Carter and expect him to sit quietly for two hours.

Sunday morning, after a run and a grocery store trip, we loaded everything up and headed back to Elizabethtown. We'll have another week of running ahead of us because Carter turns TWO this week and his party will be in Maysville since that's where all of our family and friends are. It seemed silly to expect all these people to drive three hours to us instead of just finding a place to do the party at home, so that's what I'm working on this week, plus it's my nephew's SENIOR prom next weekend, too! I don't have any clue how he grew up so darn fast, but his graduation will be here before we know it and I'll be a weepy mess. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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