South Bound

Monday, April 9, 2018

It's been a while since I've posted here. I didn't intend to take a break, but just didn't really have much worth posting about. The weather here has been miserable and cold; winter is refusing to give up already. So we've pretty much just been hanging out around the house not doing much of anything. You can imagine how excited and ready we all were to head deeeep South last week. I'd recently read a book that takes place in Apalachicola, Florida, and as I've done quite a few times in the past, chose a vacation spot as a result. But we added in a couple more stops along the way. 

Our first stop was to visit out very dear friends in Alabama, Mimi and PauPau. The kids just adore them and so do we. We spend the night with them the first night of vacation and had such a great time. It was sunny and glorious at over 80 degrees. Lord, how I have missed the sun. I swear it feels like we haven't had more than a day of sunshine here since October.

Carter played and played with his construction trucks while Juston, PauPau and the girls went fishing at their pond. We rode around the farm on the mule, got to see all sorts of animals (guinea, peacocks, cows, horses, dogs, and a few others),  and best of all, got to catch up with Mimi and PauPau. They are hands down, two of our very favorite people, so anytime we are traveling close to them, we make a stop to visit. 

After Brundidge, we headed even further South to Apalachicola, FL. We waited until the very last minute to book a place to stay, so we weren't about to find a place in downtown to rent, but we did snag a cute little cabin just a couple of miles from downtown. 

It was such a cute, rustic little place and it was perfect with one exception. We brought my 15year old niece along, and there was no phone service inside. She wasn't a fan of that since she couldn't watch her Netflix easily ha. It would be a perfect little spot for someone coming to town to fish as there was plenty of room to park a truck and a boat. There was even a porch that wrapped around the entire house, so since it rained most of the day Wednesday, we could still be outside running around on the porch with the kids. We were able to venture in to downtown and I was blown away by the incredible artisans on display around downtown. So many fun handmade goodies to explore. 

We ate out the first time at a place on the river called Boss Oysters and the food was okay, but the view was amazing. 

 We didn't eat anyplace that was really worth writing home about, mainly because we were repeatedly disappointed to find that none of the local restaurants had the local Apalachicolan oysters. That was one big reason we chose this place, but I should have done more research. In addition to Boss Oysters, we also ate at Papa Joe's and The Station. The Station was our favorite we tried. We really only got to do a few hours in the downtown and maybe an hour at the beach (St. George Island) due to the weather, but we both agreed we'd definitely come back. We would either stay downtown or at the beach next time thought just for the convenience of it. 

From Apalachicola, we headed back north a ways to Thomasville, Georgia and I fell in love! It's now on our short list of places we'll be looking to move in the future. They have a college for Juston, a YMCA for me (it's where I worked before I had kids and would like to go back to work once they're in school since I already have five years in their retirement system), plus so much history, an adorable and thriving historic downtown and so many beautiful old homes. We didn't get nearly enough time in Thomasville and will be heading back as soon as we get the chance! 

I'll do my best to get back to posting regularly again now. I'm hoping after today that Spring will be here to stay. It would work wonders for my mood. I'm not a cold weather gal.


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