Powder Bath Plans

Monday, May 21, 2018

We are currently thisclose to having the whole first floor of our house completely renovated. All that really remains aside from finishing decor touches, is the powder bath. Below, you'll see what it looked like when we bought the house. This post does contain affiliate links.

Since this photo, we have scraped the popcorn ceilings then mudded, sanded and painted the ceiling, removed and replaced the mirror and light shown here, I put up one coat of paint on the walls before deciding I wanted to wallpaper it instead, and we have changed out the towel holder and toilet paper fixtures from oil rubbed bronze to chrome finished fixtures, as well as changing the light switches from an off-white color to a pure white color. See below for what it currently looks like in the powder bath. 

Now, for the plan on what we're doing in here. I already mentioned that I'm planning to wallpaper the room and a few months back, while they were having a sale, I picked up this Serena and Lily wallpaper in the sand color. Here's an idea of what it looks like...

Once I get the wallpaper put up, we're planning to get the Pottery Barn sink console pictured below, unless we find a similar option in the meantime at a better price point (in other words, Juston thinks this one is too expensive, but I shall persist ha).

The old console, mirror and fixtures will be going into the basement bathroom once I get the vanity painted and get some prettier knobs on it, so we're planning to get some more use out of them yet. We've been a little bit perplexed a few times while renovating because the previous owners kept the old, original 1990's cabinets throughout the house, but put nice new granite on top of them, essentially putting lipstick on a pig in some cases. The kitchen cabinets, we ended up saving the ones in the best condition to use as storage cabinets in the basement, but we had to toss the rest. The mud room cabinets hadn't had as much wear and tear, so we kept those and I sanded them down, cleaned them up and painted them, which helped the looks a lot. The sink from the powder bath isn't in the greatest shape, but it still has some life in it and we won't be using it much in the basement anyway, but the top, sink and faucet are all newer, just not my taste, so into the basement with them. 

The new mirror I put in there quite awhile ago is from Ballard Designs and the new light fixture is from Shades of Light. I've also got some Charleston window box prints in acrylic frames that will be stacked vertically above the commode. 

I'm going for a calm, coastal chic vibe in the space. It's a small room, so the idea of wallpaper doesn't intimidate me in here as much as it might on a larger scale, and even though the wallpaper is patterned, the colors are neutral, so it won't feel busy to me. 

We are hoping to have this room finished sometime in the next few weeks. We basically just need to order the sink console and we have everything else we'll need already either finished or purchased. We should be able to knock it all out in a weekend. Can y'all see where I'm going with this? I'll be glad to have it finished. I think we'll take a break for a few weeks on the inside projects when this one wraps up and focus on the outside projects that are waiting. Think landscape, painting the siding and back deck, staining the concrete on the front steps and adding stair railings. The list never ends, but I already love the vibe the house has now so much more than what it had when we bought it. I could see the potential underneath all the brown the first time we saw this house and it's been very rewarding to watch the vision I had come to life. Even if I don't like the town we're living in, I do really love what our little house is becoming, slowly but surely. 

I'm hoping to share our mudroom update with y'all this week as well since it's finally finished, so stay tuned!

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