Backyard Landscaping

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I spent most of this past weekend tackling a big project: cleaning up our backyard landscaping. I'll start off by saying that I didn't accomplish all of this just over the weekend; a few things I'd already completed like trimming back some plants before digging up the roots, raking out leaves, etc, but for the most part, this was done this weekend. 

First off, I'm going to throw it back to what the back yard looked like when we purchased the house in the next two photographs. 

Kinda pretty with all the fall foliage, right? Yep, until you have to rake up all those leaves, clean out the muck from your gutters and worry about all of those trees blowing over onto the house. We cut out SO many trees and bushes. So much of the landscape was just overgrown or scraggly and I basically tore it all out and started from scratch. 

Here are a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago, complete with a pile of dirty laundry visible in the first photo. haha. Oops. 

In the corner of the photo above, you can see the trellis Juston built for me a couple of weeks ago. Painting lattice work may just be at the top of my "Least Favorite Things to Paint" list. Lord that took forever. 

And now for the photos I snapped Monday morning. I tried to re-create the same angles from the initial photos for perspective. Also, keep in mind that I'm in the process of painting the deck. I'm trying to decide which colors I want where. The lattice work, I painted this weekend and the color is Sherwin Williams Historic Charleston Green. This same color is on the shutters on the front of the house and I think I'm going to put it on the railings and trim, then the spindles and other trim are/ will be Sherwin Williams Creamy. This is also the color I'm painting the siding (next outside project). 

Here's the trellis all painted up and secured to the brick. I have Caroline Jasmine planted on the ends that will climb the shorter sections and Confederate Jasmine planted to climb the center section (hopefully). 

I also managed to get some more flowers in my pots, dig up all the roots of the plants I tore out, plant the new flowers and mulch around most of the back landscaping as well as the front of the house landscape. I love work you can do, then step back at the end of the day and see the change. I'm not the best photographer, so the photos don't capture what a change it made, but I'm very happy with it. 

I also had two very observant critics watching my every move most of the weekend. 

Next up, aside from painting the siding, I have to pressure wash the back deck and finish painting it, decide which plants I want to use to finish off the landscape in a few areas and add a few whimsical touches that a local shop carries from the same line as the little butterfly rain gauge shown up above. Oh, I also completely overhauled the front landscaping over the last couple of weeks, tearing out about ten holly bushes and planting hydrangeas (my favorite) and some hostas. I'm excited to see how it shapes up as those start growing and filling in. Hope everyone had a great start to their week!

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